Humanity is returning to the moon in a big way, and you are invited to participate in this historic moment. You don’t need to be mega-rich or an astronaut. You just need to submit your artwork. We are accepting submissions only through partner organizations at this time. To learn more on how you can partner, please visit our FAQ page.


LunARC DAO is part of the NASA-inspired Lunar University.

LunARC DAO is a global not-for-profit initiative inspired by NASA’s Lunar University concept. We are a diverse community of people focused on social impact, collaborating on a voluntary basis, to put equity at the heart of the next generation of space exploration and development. We are driven by the principles of boldness, curiosity, humility and collaboration.

We are organized as a DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization), with no central governing body.  An organizational structure without traditional hierarchy is appropriate for an inclusive, voluntary group seeking to establish global public goods in the next frontier of space development.

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